6 Facts About Dogs Everyone Thinks Are True

Pet Care Tips: How to Know If Your Dogs Need Help

Having a dog has ups and downs, it is inevitable for you to experience being worn out but bear in mind that it is our duty to make sure they have optimum level of health status and happy. If by any chance there are unexplained signs or symptoms that your dog is showing and your very anxious about it then the best option is to take them to the nearest vet office immediately. Without the capacity to communicate through spoken words, pups will not be able to let us know if they are in pain and so it is a good thing if we are cognizant with their actions. If you are interested to know some of these unexplained symptoms then it would be best to continue reading this article.

1. Reduction of weight without any certain reason

There are many possible reasons why dogs experience weight loss, it could be due to parasites, stress or other problems that are by far more disturbing. It is expected for your pup to experience weight loss if they are in a low – calorie diet but if not then this is something that you must think thoroughly. If the cause of their weight loss is still unknown then you must see the vet immediately to determine the cause.

2. Relentless scratching

It is common for your dogs to feel itchy since they are covered with thick fur. If they are scratching relentlessly then this could be an indicator of parasite infestation like fleas or ticks moreover it could even imply skin ailments like dermatitis. For instance, your dog is infested with fleas then what you can do is purchase best flea medicine for dogs sold on the market. For instance, no sign of fleas were exhibited then might as well see a vet for a clearer prognosis.

3. Watch out for fever

If your dog’s having a fever then it is possible that their body is reacting to some kind of infection or bacteria. If their temperature is still high then you might need some antibiotics for them to get past of their current condition.

4. Check if they are in constant coughing

Dogs sometimes cough in order to clear some blockage in their throat. But if there is a persistent coughing then this is something that you need to take seriously. It is possible that they have Pneumonia, bronchitis or other lung disease and any obstruction on their airways.

5. They have difficulties in using the bathroom

If your pup is having a hard time in using the bathroom then you must go to the vet immediately. This could be due to dehydration or infection that is why it is best to have them check before get matters out of hand. This is a good way of making sure your dog is in perfect condition.